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Das January ki Raat Parshuram Sharma Hindi Novel

अदालत को झकझोर देने वाला एक ऐसा सनसनीखेज़ मुकदमा, जो आपने न पहले कहीं सुना होगा, न देखा होगा और न पढ़ा होगा ।
बेहद लोकप्रिय लेखक परशुराम शर्मा का एक यादगार उपन्यास ।
एक ज़बरदस्त कोर्ट रूम ड्रामा ।

Name: Das January ki Raat
Format: PDF
Language: Hindi
Pages: 146
Size: 2.3 MB

Novel Type:  Crime Fiction Mystery

Writer: Parshuram Sharma

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  1. sukhev mehboob says

    please try to send the complete series as you have missed one part or so in HALAKU series.please send the missing part and oblige.I am a great fan of novels written by Parshuram Sharma ji since 1967 when he had written the AAg series and after that Inka series.

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