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How to Download

1-  Click to Download Link.

free download novel

2- its open Zipyshare.com link 

3- Click Download Now button . your novel /Comics download in PDF format. Enjoy This.

4- You can download our Android App for Reading Comics


5- Download our app and find latest news and upload easily.


  1. chinmay warghat

    nice comics..

  2. im clicking on the download button but only the box page with story appears. It doesnt get downloaded. I cant possibly read everything online.

  3. how to create account

  4. No any post download button found after creating box account

  5. Not getting dowloaded

  6. how to create account

  7. How to creat account

  8. vivek khaskalam

    very nice website,thanks to ownwrs

  9. Nikhil Dandotiya

    Unable to download even aftr making BOX account, plz advise how to download?

  10. Please update the download links of two novels ” Qatil Ho tu Aisa ” & novel ” Shikari Khanjar ” ,both novels by Ved Prakash Sharma bcz their download links are not working. Thanks for providing collection of best Hindi novels.please upload more hindi novels.God bless you.

  11. I am gretfull to you Sir. Hope you upload every best hindi novel in futur.THANX a lot n God bless you,

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